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Every farmer strives to find a
good value to their crops.


In a world when virtual reality is overtaking the conventional practice, the concept of modern day shopping has now moved a lot to Online shopping than to the In store shopping. Buying and selling of products using internet platform known as e-commerce site has gained world-wide popularity and Bangladesh is no exception. The rationale behind using e-commerce site or online shop is to take a range of product from many vendors together to the doorstep of a customer at a competitive price saving time money and energy. However the presence of numerous e-commerce sites offering same service comes with a reason where each has its own “standard and quality” driven by their own philosophy and strategy with variety of terms and conditions attached. ‘SHONDHI’ a Bangla word means “Joining”. SHONDHI is a co-operative organization where people from different walks of life are celebrating the joy of working together. Our common purpose is to do profitable business with small investments. SHONDHI started its journey in January 2019 being registered by the Somobai Odhidaptar of the Government of Bangladesh. The initial financing comes by equal monthly investments from its members. An Executive body, from the members work to identify the core values and mission of the cooperative as well as develop comprehensive business plan and run the business accordingly. Unlike many Shondhi e-commerce site comes with a unique commitment to promote “Safe Food”. Its philosophy “Go green Grow organic” set its goal primarily selling only Shondhi products and if needed, only of those who meets the ethical standard and quality that Shondhi subscribe to.


A rendezvous of professionals coming together from a
variety of industry with decades of experience Shondhi is a
platform of like-minded individuals who are nature lovers,
technology-savvy, results-driven and customer-oriented.


We take pride in ourselves and in our
ability to offer state-of-the-art online
platform to sell “Safe Food” with full-time client support.

As the need of the food industry changes we work
relentlessly adopting ourselves with the food safety
technology. We run from one part of the country to the
other in search of safe cultivation and teaming up with the
farmers we put our hardest endeavors collecting safer
foods promoting FAO prescribed Good Agricultural Practice

         OUR MISSION

✓“Food Safety” is not just an initiative to us – it is rather a way of life. From the top executive down the line afront line worker every employee participates in maintaining and verifying “Food Safety” as the fundamental of our philosophy and work to ensure sourcing, processing, packaging and selling the food to the customers that are safe and fit for human consumption.


✓To be a leading online e-commerce entity of the country that commands the confidence of “Safe Food” and makes it accessible at an affordable price and available at the doorstep of the client with an aim of protecting the health of the mass


“Safe Food” is the only way to
a healthy living. Food adulteration
worldwide is considered as the silent killer
wherein a country like ours is very
difficult to find a food sector
free from adulteration.

We believe it is not sufficient just to tell consumers to be careful rather we recognize the problem and address it in multiple dimension such as finding trusted supply chain partners, avoid using middleman or brokers, strictly supervising the processing of food maintaining highest ethical standard of hygiene and use environment friendly biodegradable packaging and so on.

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What we offers? Minimal will provide you support if you have any problems, our support team will reply within a day and we also have detailed documentation.

Farm Services

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Farm Services

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Farm Services

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It's a very good dashboard and we are really liking the product . We've done some things, like migrate to TS and implementing a react useContext api, to fit our job methodology but the product is one of the best in terms of design and application architecture. The team did a really good job.
Cody Fisher 22 Oct, 2020
Customer support is realy fast and helpful the desgin of this theme is looks amazing also the code is very clean and readble realy good job !
Marvin McKinney 8 Sep, 2020
Got a few questions after purchasing the product. The owner responded very fast and very helpfull. Overall the code is excellent and works very good. 5/5 stars!
Jacob Jones 21 Sep, 2020
CEO of here. We’ve built a developer assessment platform that makes sense - tasks are based on git repositories and run in virtual machines. We automate the pain points - storing candidates code, running it and sharing test results with the whole team, remotely. Bought this template as we need to provide an awesome dashboard for our early customers. I am super happy with purchase. The code is just as good as the design. Thanks!
Bessie Cooper 17 Oct, 2020