Food safety is an increasingly important public health issue. Safe food can be regarded as the food which is free or has acceptable level of contamination that may occur at any point in the growing, preparing, processing, storing, selling or serving of food. WHO recommended Five Keys to Safer Food are:

(1) keep clean;

(2) separate raw and cooked;

(3) cook thoroughly;

(4) keep food at safe temperatures; and

(5) use safe water and raw materials.

Food Safety in all stages of the food chain, that is, from farm to table has been focused with due importance in all the relevant policies of Shondhi products.
Unlike any of the online e-shop we collect products directly from farmers from the remote parts of the country and sell the same as “Garden Fresh”. With an aim to practice and conform to WHO’s GAP standard and in due course become fully “ORGANIC”, we are focusing on doing contract farming so that we can collect our products in its purest forms.
We at Shondhi use conventional and natural methods to process and preserve our products. Our products are absolutely harmful chemical-free and no preservatives are used. Proper storage, sanitary tools and hygienic work spaces, heating and cooling properly and to adequate temperatures, and avoiding contact with other uncooked foods greatly reduce the chances of contamination in our products.
Our packaging ensures that food reaches the consumer in peak condition, preserving the integrity, safety and quality of food products. It helps maximizing the shelf life of the product besides carrying important information on the label, while our ECO Friendly Packaging is contributing to the environment. Bar codes on our packaging containing the date and the location of manufacture enables processors, transporters and retailers to keep track of products for both inventory control and identification of potential hazards.
Tightly sealed water and air proof containers are good measures to limit the chances of both physical and biological contamination during storing of our products.