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In Islam, “Prophetic medicine” is the advice given by the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) with regards to sickness, treatment and hygiene.

About Nigella sativa (black seed) Abu Hurayrah (ra) a companion of the Prophet narrates that the Prophet (pbuh) said: “Hold on (use this seed regularly)! Because it is a remedy (cure) for every disease except death”. He further narrates the Prophet (pbuh) said, “Allah (God) did not send down a disease without having sent down its cure.”


This amazing statement generated tremendous interest among the world’s scientific community. Their question was, how an unlettered man of the desert without having any pen and paper, could make such a wonderful statement on medical science? The Prophet (pbuh) did not have to carry out any laboratory research to make this statement. Moreover, the Prophet (pbuh) made the statement at a time when there was no chemistry, no science, and no pharmacy. The statement finally led the global scientific community to carry out extensive phytochemical and biological investigations on Nigella sativa seed and its oil. However, the researchers after having carried out hundreds of scientific researches around the globe finally came to the conclusion that this tiny plant seed can effectively cure 129 different types of ailments including 17 types of cancers, diabetes, AIDS and hypertension. This large number of diseases curable by Nigella sativa demonstrates the authenticity of the Prophet’s statement.

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